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Quite a difference today compared to back in the 50s. Back then women were stuck in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning and serving their man. Today women have successful careers and own men as property. Lady Edyn and Miss Pris are two such successful modern women who live a healthy and fruitful processional life while owning men as personal property to be used for menial tasks and amusement. Here the two girls celebrate their success with a glass of wine, toasting cheers to each other while shocking their slaves cock mercilessly with their remote control shocker. This is one of Lady Edyn's newly acquired men whom she purchased from another woman for a penny a pound or right about .50, the typical going rate for males. Now he serves her and her girlfriends in any way they deem fit, including being kept nude, humiliated and tortured without pity. Cheers ladies, and a welcome to this male to his new life of slavery to the superior female gender.
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