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Natalie and Mina are two devastatingly beautiful women. They are also two very sadistic women who are sick and tired of this slaves complaining, and decide its time to remind him of what he is, and what his purpose is in life. The girls whip him with a savagery that takes the slave by surprise and in no time he is begging for mercy. But there will be none today. The whip cuts over and over again as the slave writhes in pain, wriggling and shaking as much as he can to escape the bite of the whip. But there is no where to go, and these pitiless latex clad beauties are showing no signs of stopping. In the end he is reduced to a crying mass of flesh, blubbering something about forgiveness and mercy. The girls finally stop, but show zero remorse for the now broken slave. Learned your lesson? Mina sweetly asks and the slave hurriedly agrees. Are you sure? Or do we need to teach it to you again? she further adds, striking fear into the slave. Looks like this slave learned a valuable lesson today.
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