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The girls check up on the slave as he washes the dishes, only to find him working at a snails pace. Looks like some encouragement is in order. In no time the slave is in pain, screaming like a champ as Mistress Antonia starts torturing his balls. Brittany has little sympathy, adding Wash the dishes, you know what youre good for in between his screams. The pain helps the slave understand the error of his ways, but the girls arent done with him yet. Brittany positions her glorious body in front of the slave and has him lick her anus clean. Clean her Mistress Antonia adds, and the slaves tongue is instantly deep in Brittanys asshole, licking away any trace of filth. Eventually the girls have had enough, and its time for the slave to resume his duties anyways. Brittany shoves the slave away, saying Move....finish the dishes as she walks out. The slave diligently goes back to performing a task only men do at Mistress Antonias, that being washing the dishes.
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