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With Heidi still in charge of the household, she decides to have some more fun with Mistress Antonias slave. With the slave bound to the table, Heidi walks in and informs the slave that she is about to teach him the art of pain and pleasure. With this gorgeous woman now getting up on the table, the poor slave doesnt know if he should be excited or scared! Turns out its a little bit of both. In a maniacal pain and pleasure twist, oh so sexy Heidi uses her hands and mouth to pleasure the slave only to torture him every time hes close to orgasm. So you want to cum? I want to hear you beg for it she says as she gets the slave all excited. Her begs and begs as Heidi licks, strokes and pleasures the slaves penis. All of a sudden out of no where, she starts pounding on the slaves balls! I dont like how you begged she says and she smacks the slaves balls over and over again as he screams in pain. The slaves begs Sorry Mistress, only to be told Take it, take the pain. More painful slaps to the balls ensue, then all of a sudden Heidi turns sweet again and starts pleasuring the slave penis one more time. Once again the slave is brought to the edge only to be sweetly asked by Heidi so do you want to cum? Again the slave begs for orgasm, and again Heidi turns savage, smacking his balls without mercy. I said beg she says slapping his balls hard to make her point. Over and over she slaps the slaves balls leaving the slave dazed and confused as to what to do. Yet again as before she turns sweet and begins pleasuring him once again. Over and over Heidi pleasures and tortures the poor slave who endures so much pain to earn his pleasure. In the end with the slave begging in desperation for an orgasm, she just says whatever and walks out, leaving the slave a begging mess. This is an unbelievable clip that youll want to watch over and over again!
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