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The slave is patiently kneeling and holding a towel. Why is he doing that? A quick peek shows that its because his new owner Leah is taking a shower, so he kneels beside her tub waiting to be of service. Eventually Leah is done, steps out and has the slave dry her. She takes care of her hair while the slave tends to the needs of her body, drying her thighs, boobs, everywhere that needs it. She turns around and says Make sure my ass is clean, presenting her perfect ass to the slave for a post shower deep tongue cleaning. The slave digs in, licking deep in her ass crack for those areas that her shower may have missed. Leah ignores her pet and just stands there patiently waiting for him to complete grooming her. When she is satisfied that her asshole is clean she pushes him away and walks out, leaving the slave to clean up after her and make sure the shower is spotless for the next time she needs it. Lucky slave, its not always just pain and suffering, sometimes he gets to perform some very intimate slave service!
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