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Leah is an interesting girl. She doesnt raise her voice, and only speaks in her natural sweet feminine tone. And oh my goodness she has a body worth taking a bullet for. But dont let that sweet exterior fool you! She is sadistic and demands devotion, a lesson that this slave is about to learn. He wants to serve Leah but such a privilege wont come easy. You have to beg for it, and you have to earn it she says, hinting to this slave that to be her pet means learning to take pain for her. She whips the kneeling slave for a long while, then stands in front of him saying Beg For it. The slave grovels before her, kissing her supple thighs while begging Leah to take him as her pet. But she is not impressed. Not good enough she says, steps back and resumes whipping. The pain is building now with the slave clearly struggling to maintain composure for her. Again she stops, stands in front of him and repeats One more time, beg for it, permitting the slave to grovel for her ownership once again. He kisses and begs his future owner, better than before but still not up to her expectations. Not good enough she says, steps back again and resumes whipping him. The slave is really hurting now, the whip leaving so many painful marks all over him that he is screaming from every cut of the whip. Leah meanwhile is cute and calm as always, smiling so sweetly and giggling while the slave endures hell. One more time she stops, stands in front of him, and gives him the chance to beg to be her property. This time the slave is begging like a champ, kissing her everywhere profusely and grovelling for her every attention as a proper slave should. Ill sign another slave contact if I have to Mistress the slave adds, which slightly pleases Leah getting her to coo Hmmmm.....perhaps in her ever sweet tone. Looks like the pain is finally sinking in and the slave is acting as he should towards her. One more round is due though, and Leah steps back and whips him some more. This time she stops, stands back in front of him and doesnt say a word. The slave now knows what to do and instantly resumes begging to be hers. Much better. She dismisses him with Go make my dinner, allowing the slave to reflect on his painful whip marks while preparing her food.
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