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Its been a very long time since the slave has been allowed to cum. So, Sophie decides to bind him to the dungeon table and use her body to torment the poor slave. She casually strokes the slaves penis and stops, puts her boob right in the slaves face and makes him beg for pleasure. Would you like to touch my ass? she sweetly asks. Beg for it she then sternly says. The slave must learn that he must beg for any pleasure. Sophie acts so sweet yet so horribly cruel as she keeps the slave on the edge. Would you like me to finish you off? she so sweetly asks as she strokes his penis. Beg for it! she commands again, and the slave begs and begs as best he can. I feel so sorry for you, you havent cum in so long Sophie teasingly adds as she kindly gives the slave pleasure by stroking his cock. Beg louder she adds, demanding that he grovel for any attention. Keep on begging otherwise Ill stop, those words from Sophie send the slave into a a begging frenzy. Sophie wickedly looks at the slave, loving her total control of him. Damn she looks so hot! Say Mistress please a few more times and I might just allow you to cum she says. You ready to cum? Sophie asks the slave, and the slave is so ready! All of a sudden she stops and says I dont think well let you cum today, maybe next week.. Denial yet again for the poor slave! See you later slave are Sophies final words as she exits the room, the slave knowing full well that shell be using him for her pleasure yet again later in the day.
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