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There are more uses to men than just being used as receptacles for torture and waste. Its convenient to have them hanging around to provide random service when the girls are too lazy to move. Like Harmony, she keeps a slave standing nearby for instant butler service when she feels the need. A crack of the whip signals the slave that she needs something. Im thirsty she commands, and the slave fetches her water. But the water is warm. Another whip crack gets the slave to go back and fetch her some cold water. She sips and reads, but tires of her magazine. No need for her to get up and get another one herself though, instead another crack of the whip will yield the same result. Get me my other magazine. she coldly commands, speaking to the slave the bare minimum required for him to complete his task. Another whipping followed by Get the remote, seems like she wants to watch TV. After serving her needs the bound slave returns every time back against the wall, standing there waiting to serve her next need which comes fairly quickly. *whip* Service my feet she demands, and the slave kneels as best he can in his shackles and licks her feet. It looks mighty uncomfortable for the slave, but he knows that displeasing Harmony is a very bad idea.
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