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Devaun, Brandon Iron in Bound in the basement

Brandon Iron is in rare form today. On any day he is the master of fucking with his slaves minds. Today he is dealing with Devaun, who claims to be sweet and nice. Lets see. He blindfolds his bitch, clamps her nipples and hangs weights from them, ties her up tight, and proceeds with a solid spanking and cunt whipping. He forces his big dick into her mouth and pushes all the way down her throat. Enough with the warming up. He bends his bitch forward and takes her hard from behind. Suspended, Devauns cunt is spread wide open to accept her masters cock, she moans and pants, and finally has a very strong orgasm. Done for a while, Brandon lowers Devaun into a steamer trunk and locks her away. He comes back to give her a refresher course in giving head. Finally locks her away for good until the next time he needs to mess with someones mind
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